AFG works in different fields. Each of them requires specific preservation treatments and therefore AFG gives much importance to a careful selection of the materials, in order to guarantee the best safety conditions.

Bread and pizza

Our films are perfectly suitable for packing the most different kinds of bread, with hard or sharp crust, and they boast the following qualities: resistance, top-flight optical properties (transparency), excellent sealing characteristics and mechanical features.


Our films help the gas changing cycle, which is fundamental to the maturing process of cheese and dairy products in general, preventing any weight loss and rind-forming.

Deep-frozen food

The deep-frozen food market has been constantly developing. A very large range of films is available (rigid or flexible base webs, with high mechanical strength at low temperature, with or without high gas barrier).


If needed, we can produce films with high gas barrier against water vapour and oxygen, sealing on oily and wet surfaces.

Fresh pasta

Our films suit the packaging of fresh pasta, with or without filling, and can seal on oily and wet surfaces. We can also provide films resistant to sterilization, pasteurization and microwaving.


Pork, beef, veal and lamb, cut into little pieces or chunks. We can find the most suitable packaging solutions for your products.

Ready meals and dessert

Time is precious nowadays. People always look for quick meals easy to prepare. We can supply films for baking or microwaving, which fulfill our customers’ requirements and maintain unaltered the food’s quality. Resealable packaging is available.


AFG supplies the European bread makers with a complete range of films, thought to pack any kind of (filled) sandwich.


Sausages can be packed under modified atmosphere or vacuum as well. The film composition depends on the specific features of the required (flexible or rigid) packaging.

Sliced meat and salami

Our films prevent meat from drying and going bad, and they protect it from dirt and bacterial contamination, maintaining at the same time its original qualities without any loss of taste and flavour.


The ever-changing market has lead us to create and develop new innovative packaging solutions.

Vegetables and salads

We can supply a very large range of films for vegetables to be cooked and salad as well, also in the form of perforated film and packaging film for pickles, such as olives, mushrooms and many more. Of course, these films can seal on oily and wet surfaces.