Aluminium combinations

The multilayer films with aluminum find numerous applications in various formats and packagings. Due to their characteristics, they are also used to package products with strong aroma such as coffee or delicate products such as creams, supplements, ingredients, solutions and active principles.

Paper Base

The films based on PAPER give craftsmanship and softness to the packaging, completely covering the layer of intermediate aluminum. The following materials are some example of this category: - PAPER ALU PE - PAPER ALU PE - PAPER ALU PP - PAPER ALU BOPA PE

Particular surfaces

Some applications involve preparing the multilayer external side for its subsequent overprinting (preparation for flexo, UV, digital printing, etc.). In other cases, it is essential for the final packaging to have constant degrees of slipperiness / friction between the packages.

PET Base

PET-based films allow you to see the middle layer of aluminum and use its shine for printing. PET is also more suitable for sterile production environments. The following materials are some example of this category: - BOPET ALU PE- BOPET ALU PP- BOPET ALU BOPET PE- BOPET 2x white ALU PE